Copperfield Contacts

Board of Directors

Members of the Copperfield Community Board of Directors

  • Angie Wanger
  • Tim Deely
  • Bryan Heath
  • Steve Hopkins
  • Mark Crissman
  • Pat Wheeler
  • Jennifer Hansen
  • Westley Tibbs

Architectural Control Committee

Members of the Copperfield Community ACC

  • Kelli Ogren
  • Suzanne EnEarl
  • Steve Hopkins


To contact the Board or a Board member, please email the Webmaster and request contact information, or contact the member directly.

The Architectural Control Committee can be reached via letter or fax:

Architectural Control Committee
C/o Jefferson Property Management
PO Box 67
Jefferson, MD 21755
Phone 301-969-0405
Fax 301-969-6196